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Your Challenges
  • Employ the Best Talents

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    Forming a team, department or company from scratch

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    Psychometric evaluation

What methods do we use?


Our team

Is Our Strength

There is always a dedicated team of 2-3 specialist recruiters behind every assignment we execute. This includes an in-house Sourcing team and a Senior Consultant who not only have an in-depth knowledge of that specific country and niche market but also genuinely care about your business and will demonstrate their personal involvement by being accessible to you at any time during the total duration of the assignment. Every search project including the direct search is conducted with a great care, tact, diplomacy and in an ethical and professional manner.

Ruta Ratavitz

Director / Senior Recruitment Consultant

With a background in the organisational psychology and over 8 years of experience in talent search and evaluation, Ruta is in charge of the People Link London office.

“My main life goal is not measurable or time-bound which usually a goal setting needs to conform to. My life goal is my personal growth and in order to grow, I have to push myself out of the comfort zone and walk an extra mile. The place where I can best apply it is my job. Every day at work brings me new people, new relations, new challenges and new wins, which make me a better person and a better recruitment consultant.” 

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Our Clients

Are Our Partners

We take pride in partnering with SME business and start-ups and contributing to their growth. We think of recruitment as of a life changing experience for both sides, as it always means much more than just another subordinate for our Client, or a different figure on a pay-slip for our Candidate. First of all it’s the beginning of a very important partnership which we are happy and know how to facilitate. Our clients tend to come back to us after learning how our in-depth market knowledge and genuine care about their business can contribute to their successful growth.