About us

A partner for employee search and selection

Professionalism is our basis for relationships that last

We know your industry: every People Link consultant is an expert not only in staff selection but also in a particular business sector, aware of employee expectations, motivations and salary trends, and how to find and attract the top talent in your industry.

Professionals differ greatly between areas and among themselves, and we know how to speak the language that each candidate understands. Specialised training also helps us properly assess the experience and knowledge of any candidate we recommend to you.

We carefully evaluate an employee’s fit for a position since we give our guarantee. We’re certain about the candidates we propose because we’ve selected them using the People Link to Business assessment model, which is based on one of the newest methods for assessing behaviour and performance. The Tripod psychological and mental abilities testing method helps us develop a full picture of a candidate and recommend how to work with that person to get the best results.

A partner for growth

We put all the pieces together for you

In a dynamic business environment, speed and quality are vital, and that’s why we’re able to work faster and better and are able to introduce the first candidates in 1-2 weeks time. Long years of experience in personnel search and selection enable us to quickly identify the most suitable search strategy and anticipate the risks. We’ve chosen to focus on the industries and functions that we know best. Equally important is our effective management of projects and workflow: a team of 2-3 specialists handles each project, responsible for specific elements such as job market research, talent attraction and the evaluation and selection of candidates.

We’re there where you are, so borders won’t limit your expansion. We have a vast experience in recruiting internationally and have tools to reach out to candidates all across Europe and Asia. We also have reliable partners in Latvia, Estonia, the Netherlands and even Hong Kong. Countries we have experience recruiting in: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, the UAE, the United Kingdom

Growth is a complex process, involving both expansion and development of your organisation’s internal culture with the related challenges that business success brings. So our concern is more than just recruiting staff for your company – we aim to help you resolve all the human resource-related issues that arise. We’ll help assess your current personnel management strategy and conduct surveys on employee evaluation and engagement.

A partner for partnerships

We value partnership as a recipe for success

We seek long-term, quality relationships based on mutual trust and transparency so that we’re with you when you need to make complex decisions. We give objective advice and share our knowledge of the market to help you assess the alternatives. And we’re discreet, never giving your information to third parties without your consent.

For us, partnership also means putting your strategic plans into practice through talent management. That’s why we strive to get to know you – to ensure that the candidates we propose for an open position today will yield the fruits you’re looking for over the longer term, and that our advice of a strategic nature will help more quickly advance toward your goals.