Candidate assessment

Assessment of your potential and/or current employees

For candidate assessment, we combine a performance-based model with Tripod professional psychological testing – a standardised methodology that makes it possible to compare a candidate against the norms for different countries adjusted for age and gender.

This reliable approach lets us not only determine the strengths and weaknesses of your candidates or current employees, but also determine their training needs, learning speed and growth potential, and predict how they will function on your team. Our consultants are certified users of this methodology.

Assessment will benefit you when:

  • You’re planning careers and training of your potential or current employees
  • You want to determine candidates’ and/or employees’ potential and set growth objectives
  • You’re conducting a reorganisation or plan to promote/dismiss employees
  • You seek to improve motivation and performance of your current and/or potential employee
  • You’re setting new goals for current and/or potential employees and want to track their progress
  • You don’t have a system for employee performance reviews