Employee Search and Selection

Employee Search and Selection

With the length of time employees spend in a company decreasing, effective recruitment is crucial. You need a quality process, but one that doesn’t take too long. It’s important to spark a candidate’s interest right from the first contact and choose the most fitting new member for your team.

People Link’s search and selection model is suited to recruiting for even the most complex positions. It’s very rare for top professionals to actively seek employment, which is why we dedicate two-thirds of search time to finding passive candidates and interesting them in the offer.

We’ve discovered the most effective search methods and also stay in step with advances around the world while constantly enhancing our digital sourcing skills and tools. The channels we use to source candidates include target companies, social networks, databases, universities and professional associations or groups.

To evaluate candidates, we use a tested and proven performance-based employee assessment model which we continually update and enhance.

In conducting staff search and selection, we consider not just the types of employees you need today, but also how they’ll achieve your future objectives, how well they match your business plans. In other words, we take a progressive perspective focused on your strategic plans, not just today’s situation.