Our tools


Based on the latest advances in employee assessment, we’ve combined behavioural and performance-based assessment methodologies to create the unique People Link Performance and Fit assessment model, which we use in all interviews with candidates.

We evaluate candidates in 4 distinct areas: Hard (professional) Skills, People Skills, Organisational Skills, Independent Thinking and Motivation. In the process, we gather factual evidence of specific achievements that demonstrate the needed competencies.

With this information, we predict a candidate’s ability to achieve the long-term objectives of a future position (Link to Business Plan) as well as their fit with the culture of the future organisation (Link to Organisation).

Assessment Model


To assess an employee’s ability to assimilate new information, how quickly they learn and how they are likely to behave, we use the Tripod questionnaire on personality traits and rating system for mental abilities. Personal traits are the established ways of behaving and reacting typical of a specific person. By determining emotional stability, extraversion, openness to experience, agreeableness and conscientiousness, we can forecast how an employee will behave in a variety of situations. Meanwhile, the ratings for mental abilities – verbal, arithmetical, spatial and general – reveal the person’s capacity to reason, make generalisations, solve abstract problems, learn quickly and so on.


We assess executive competencies using Tripod rating systems for intelligence and personal traits developed specifically to gauge the competencies of management-level employees. The personality traits questionnaire evaluates emotional stability, initiative, achievement orientation and general receptivity or openness. The intelligence rating, for its part, helps assess the general mental abilities that underpin the capacity to reason and generalise, effectively assimilate new knowledge and accurately complete professional tasks. The results of these tests are useful not only for deciding on the best candidate, but also for the managers themselves to better grasp and take advantage of their strengths and develop those traits where they need to improve.


Besides evaluating candidates’ personal traits and intelligence, we also use specialised tools to assess the strength of specific professional competencies: tests of accounting knowledge, simulated situations, foreign language skills, and so on. We can help you find the best assessment tools for your selection and employee evaluation needs.