Sales and marketing

Sales, marketing and business development professionals are in high demand on the job market, especially when businesses are looking to expand both locally and internationally. In every organisation, these are the positions that create the greatest value for growth.

Utilising our database, the contacts we have and the latest online sourcing techniques, we’re able to find the best professionals and – being good at sales ourselves – secure their interest.

In order to determine whether a future employee will achieve sales targets and suitably represent your company, only psychology educated consultants conduct the assessment using the latest performance based interview method and if necessary, psychometric tools.

We have the most experience in recruiting for these sales and marketing positions:

  • Head of Sales / Marketing / Commerce / E-commerce
  • Key Account Manager, Product Group Manager, Account Manager
  • Marketing / Brand / Digital Manager / Performance Marketing
  • Direct Sales / Telemarketing Specialist


We’ve been working with search and selection of internationally based, willing to relocate employees and expats and internationally expanding employers for more than 4 years. So we understand very well the nature and specifics of work culture differences across countries as well as the challenges involved in attracting candidates in/from the foreign countries.

To attract professionals to relocate to a different country or work for a foreign employer, we use direct search methods from the very start. Knowing the overriding importance of credibility and clarity for employees in this field, we make an effort to communicate the goals set for the new hire even more specifically and clearly. That ensures both a smooth selection process and solid long-term partnership with your new international team member.  

We’re most experienced in searches for these international positions:

  • Executives and Senior Management across functions: CEO, Director, General Manager, Head of Sales / Wholesale / Finance /Operations / Production /Marketing / Communications / HR / Quality /Purchasing / Procurement, Chief Accountant
  • Sales, Marketing and Business Development Management and professionals: Sales Manager, Wholesale Manager, Key Account Manager, Product Group Manager, Account Manager, Marketing / Brand Manager

Countries where we have filled roles and/or sourced candidates successfully include:

Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, the UAE, the United Kingdom